Introducing dbDOS™ 1.1

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

Jun 22

When we released dbDOS™ 1.0 in May we knew there was a need and expected a warm welcome by the dBASE community but we have been overwhelmed by the response! We wanted to reward that response by incorporating the many suggestions and requests by our customers and provide them a more features and a new level of support for their dBASE for DOS programs.

dbDOS™ 1.1 adds a significant number of features that will make using and working with the product easier and give a wider range of support for various hardware configurations. Here are just some of the great improvements introduced with dbDOS™ 1.1: * Wizard based setup; for customers that want a little more help setting up the product we have added a new wizard to walk you through the steps. Remember, if you are an advanced user you can still use the single page setup introduced in the 1.0 version. * Print ESC and Printer specific codes; one of the key features of dbDOS was the ability to finally print to a Windows printer with dBASE for DOS programs. Well, we found out very quickly that many dBASE for DOS users created specialized forms and reports using the low-level printer escape codes. We now provide the ability to support that approach and allow you to print those reports on Windows Printers! * Integrated International Support; now you can select the country specific CodePage so that we support your keyboard, printer, and operating system character use automatically, while still allowing you to override it if needed. * Better hardware support; these new configuration options allow users to select the best support for their hardware. This allows hardware like graphics cards and mice (mouse) to work better and more seamless on many different hardware configurations. * FASTER! In some cases, almost 100% faster than the original dbDOS 1.0 product.

We have heard from many customers stating that dbDOS is a lifesaver and a huge money and resource saver as well. One customer stated that by using dbDOS their organization will save well over $195,000.00 dollars this year in rewrite costs and only have to invest $5,000.00 dollars for their 50 users to continue to use their 20+ year old software program that many users love and feel they cannot live without.  

So no matter if you are trying to use dbDOS for the one dBASE program you just love from the DOS days, or you have an organization that can benefit, dbDOS™ 1.1 is the most cost effective way to continue to use the tried and true software on the latest hardware and software for Windows®.

dbDOS™ 1.1 is available to existing dbDOS™ 1.0 users free of charge, and the cost for new named users is still $99.00 U.S. The CD and documentation can be purchased for an additional $19.95, not including shipping and handling..