Printing to Windows Printers with dbDOS is better than ever!

By dBaseGeoffrey | Newsroom

Jul 17

As many of our current users know, dbDOS™ is the fastest, easiest way to run dBASE for DOS on the latest Windows Operating Systems. With it you can launch your own dBASE applications on the latest hardware platforms. One of the on-going challenges is bringing forward the print functionality on these new USB, Network and even Wireless print platforms and still maintain how it used to work in the MS-DOS days of serial and parallel printers. I think we have finally figured out the majority of printing issues and are very excited to announce a new patch dbDOS™ 1.1.1!

The new print functionality that was introduced in the 1.1 version had introduced a BETA feature called RAW Print. This new way of printing allowed the Printer Escape Characters to go directly to the printer by-passing all of the Windows specific information, which allowed in certain cases to have a better result. With this update, you can now print with the RAW Print feature and get better results. We have also updated the Interpreted Print feature, which adds the Printer Preview functionality. Printing twenty-year old DOS reports in Windows 7 is not very straightforward. But we are constantly working to make it easier, and better for our dbDOS™ users. I

f you are using dbDOS™ now, download the patch from and install it over the current version then open up each configuration and save it again. Please watch this YouTube video where I explain this in more detail at

Now if you do not have dbDOS™, you have dBASE for DOS products or dBASE applications, and you want to use them on the latest hardware and software combinations, you need to get dbDOS™ today!

dbDOS™ 1.1.1 is available to existing dbDOS™ 1.0 users free of charge, and the cost for new named users is still only $99.00 USD. The CD and documentation can be purchased for an additional $19.95, not including shipping and handling.