By dbasellc | Newsroom

May 02
Who cares if Microsoft killed XP, with dbDOSPRO 3 you don’t have to worry about how to use your existing DOS based products like dBASE III+, dBASE IV (1,2, and 3) and dBASE V for DOS, because it has more key capabilities and works smarter than ever before on Windows Vista and above!
If you are using DOS based programs this is a MUST purchase, or a MUST upgrade, and let us tell you why:
  • ONE! New print features – We now support PDF output!  This means you can print to paper, to PDF, or to both at the same time!
  • TWO! New print features – We introduce a new “Enhanced” printing feature that provides a more accurate version of those reports than ever before
  • THREE! New print features – We introduce a new “Direct” printing feature that handles more ESC codes and sequences for use when RAW, Interpreted, and Enhanced can’t get it right (Expert Mode).
  • FOUR! New print features – We now have a print driver that will allow better print across new printers!  All it requires is a one line code change!
  • New! Easy DOS Configuration Wizard simplifies the setup and launching of a single dBASE program
  • Enhanced DOS SHELL functionality
  • Display for resolutions above 800×600 are 100% sharper and easier to read
  • Improved backup system that makes it easier to find the configuration you are looking for
WOW! dbDOS™ PRO 3 has made HUGE strides at enhancing the print capabilities of your dBASE programs,” says Mike Rozlog – CEO of dBase.  “Now you can print reports easier, better, and faster.  We did not stop there, we added additional features like PDF and better graphics support.  This is a must buy for anybody doing DOS programs.”In addition, dbDOS™PRO 3 has also introduced a new streamlined configuration wizard called EASYDOS.  It is the fastest way to create a single-executable Windows shortcut in dbDOS™!  This new three-step wizard makes it so anybody can create a new configuration for his or her DOS based applications in seconds!
The upgrade cost for dbDOS™ PRO 3 is $99 USD and new licenses are available for $149.00 USD.  Discounts available for individual orders of 10 licenses or greater. Quotes are available upon request.As per our policy, anyone who purchased dbDOS™ PRO 2 in the last 30 days will receive a license free of charge.  An email with the details will be sent in the next 2 business days.BUY NOW!  Upgrade to dbDOS™ PRO 3 for $99 (USD)! Or you can purchase a new license of dbDOS™ PRO 3 for $149 (USD) and it comes with a 15-day Money Back Guarantee (new licenses only)! ATTENTION dbDOS 1.X Users!!! We will not be offering any support on dbDOS 1.X software moving forward. We are offering you a ONE MONTH AMNESTY to upgrade now. As of June 1st, 2014, dbDOS 1.X users will need to purchase a new license of dbDOS PRO 3 to be eligible for support. If you have DOS based products, you need dbDOS™ PRO 3! Thanks for your continued support of dBASE! Michael Rozlog CEO of dBase LLC