dBase, LLC Announces the new dBASE PLUS 9.1

By dbasellc | News Releases

Jul 22
The *NEW* dBASE PLUS 9.1 increases functionality and stability! Introducing dBASE PLUS 9.1, the updated release to the smash hit, dBASE PLUS 9! The dBase team has been hard at work since the initial release of dBASE PLUS 9 making sure issues were fixed as fast as possible. The new dBASE PLUS 9.1 release fixes many of the initial reported issues and continues to fix a wide-ranging number of existing issues. We are very excited to be offering such a significant release within a month of dBASE PLUS 9. What makes dBASE PLUS 9.1 so great? Well a few things. First, this new release adds significant fixes all over the product: MAV and Crashes BDE Table Issues Project Explorer Autocomplete Code streaming / Designer / IDE issues ActiveX / OLEAutoClient issues Menu Issues Focus on ADO issues Updated graphics and sharpness of Icons throughout the product For a complete list of all of the issues that were fixed in dBASE PLUS 9.1 check: https://www.dbase.com/dbasesql/dbase-plus-9-urgent-info/#Fixes If you have dBASE PLUS 9.0 (Trial or Full) loaded, please install the dBASE PLUS 9.1 version over that installation. If you trial has expired, please contact Customer Service to reset it so get an full 30 days to evaluate dBASE PLUS 9.1! If you have not downloaded or worked with the new version of dBASE PLUS 9, do not wait, there is no better time than now to give the new product a workout. Created in 1981, dBASE is still used by millions of software developers and others in Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies worldwide. dBase, LLC was created in 2012 by a group of investors, experienced technology leaders and former employees of dataBased Intelligence, Inc. (dBI), a privately-held company that had been the legal heir to the dBASE database management system. As guardian of the dBASE brand, dBase, LLC is committed to revitalizing its flagship product while also delivering a new generation of data solutions to help small- and medium-sized businesses, work teams and individuals transform data into actionable information. Pricing and Availability The price for dBASE PLUS 9.1 is $399 for new users and $299 to upgrade from existing dBASE products. The new version of dBASE continues to support forward compatibility features, including dBASE, Paradox, and other data sources; the advanced runtime features; and the ability to package the product with the updated Project Manager. dBASE PLUS 9.1 is available on Windows Vista and above operating systems including the latest Windows 8.1. About dBase, LLC dBase, LLC is changing the way people utilize data. The company’s business intelligence products and data management tools quickly transform raw data into useful information, enabling organizations of any size to make more informed business decisions and be more productive. The company’s flagship product, dBASE, was the world’s first widely used relational database management system and is still used by millions of software developers and others worldwide. For more information about dBase, LLC and its data management products, visit https://www.dbase.com. Contact dBase sales@dbasellc.com