Product Editions

Single User
dBASE Product Comparison
Platform Windows / Web Windows only
Users Open Applications must run from within the tool


Build Options

  dBASE Plus Full dBASE Plus Personal
Build Web ApplicationSpecialized tools for building applications for the web
Apache ServerIncluded the world's leading Webserver for deploying applications to the web
Runtime EngineAllows dBASE application exe’s to be deployed and run on user’s workstations, servers, and web-servers
Just-In-Time CompilerCompiles source code into a highly compact object code (also called “byte code”) either on demand or only when needed – prior to running it
Integrated DebuggerA debugger that has a graphical user interface inside of the development environment and is a used to test and debug other programs (the 'target' program)
Virtual Machine InterpreterA highly optimized interpreter for executing dBASE object code (byte code) that has been generated by the dBASE compiler

Product Details

  dBASE Plus Full dBASE Plus Personal
Suggested Retail Price $399.00 $199.00
Stand-alone executablesThis allows you to build applications as executables for the Microsoft Windows Operating System and deploy them freely without the dBASE environment
Unlimited deploymentNo restrictions on dispersing applications created in dBASE
Create royalty-free executablesThere are no limitations on the executables
Perpetual Product LicenseThe license is a lifetime type as long as the product will run on the hardware and software the owner can create applications with it
Instant downloadGet the product now, as soon as you order it. CD and Manuals available
CD and printed manual available


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