Product FAQ

dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO – Frequently Asked Questions

dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO is a major update for all versions of dBASE PLUS. Does the dBASE software license allow me to install on multiple computers? The specific language is available in the License Agreement under Section 2.2 (License Grant). A simple way to describe it as a “named user” license, where one “named” person can install on many machines but can only use one machine at a time. Multiple users, whether on a single computer or multiple computers, would require multiple licenses. Is dBASE 2.8 projects forward compatible in dBASE PLUS 8? YES, projects developed in dBASE PLUS FULL 2.8 should compile with little to no changes. Can I ship applications I create with the included Glyfx graphics? YES, these new graphics are supplied by, which is our premier provider of professional graphics. The libraries included are available for redistribution in user-developed application. Glyfx also has a wide array of additional professional graphics available for additional charge. Is ADO royalty free? Yes, ADO is part of Microsoft’s data access strategy and both Microsoft and additional 3rd parties provide ADO data drivers. Keep in mind that ODBC drivers can be used with ADO as well. Is ADO better than BDE? Yes, for applications that are going to be communicating to databases outside of dBASE and the dBASE database, ADO is newer and faster technology supplied by Microsoft and has updated database drivers. Does ADO allow me to use both ADO and ODBC data drivers? YES, ADO allows user to use ODBC through ADO, this is much like BDE using ODBC through BDE. Are the new ActiveX controls royalty free? Yes, these new components are based on an open source library for Delphi and C++Builder. These components have been wrapped so that they can work with dBASE. The new components will be published with source so other developers can see how it is down and additional ActiveX controls to dBASE in the future. Do I need Delphi to use the ActiveX controls? NO, these controls are fully compiled and ready to use by dBASE. dBASE has also had additional bug fixing in the ActiveX support to make it easier to use 3rd Party components. Will dBASE PLUS 8 with ADO work on the new Windows® 8 Operating System? Yes, dBASE PLUS 8 has been tested on the latest Microsoft Operating System and is ready to go from the front panel to the Desktop. Will dBASE PLUS 8 run on Windows® 64 bit Operating Systems (XP, Vista, 2008, 7, and 8)? Absolutely! The latest dBASE PLUS 8 has been tested on these OS’s specifically and it works great. Does the new dBASE SQL Designer support other databases besides dBASE? Yes, it is a generic SQL designer built for creating reusable cutting edge SQL. Can I ship the dCach™ lookup tables with my applications? Yes, that is why we include them in the product. This is to make it easier to build application with data. These lookup tables are based on common-need data, like city, state, zip, etc. dCache™ will be introduced at a later time. Can my application take advantage of the new Windows Style support? Yes, this has been exposed through the components.


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