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Visual dBASE 7.X Documentation

Visual dBASE 7.5 Language Reference (2.8MB ZIP)
Visual dBASE 7.5 InstallShield UPDATE
Who needs to update? Users of Visual dBASE 7.5 who wish to use their licensed copy of InstallShield Express to deploy Visual dBASE 7.5 applications.
What does the update offer? If you have the version of InstallShield that shipped with Visual dBASE 7.01, or have upgraded to InstallShield Express 2.01, this download has the files needed to deploy your 7.5 applications, including what is needed to install the BDE version 5.10.</p>
Update Procedure. Download the update package and unzip it to a temporary location. Read the file "ISX for 7.5 Documentation.doc" (you can use Wordpad if you do not have Word), and follow the instructions.</p>
Download the InstallShield Update for VdB 7.5 (341KB)
Visual dBASE 7.0x Web Wizards BETA UPDATE<
What does the update offer? This version of the Web Wizards fixes some bugs in the earlier versions, updates VdB 7.0x Professional to full CGI-Bin (usable with Microsoft IIS), a new version of VdB_CGI.exe that now supports the POST method in addition to GET method and has new, simplified code for OEM conversions.
Download the Visual dBASE 7.0x Web Wizards BETA update (389KB)
Microsoft Win32 SDK
If you need the Win32 Software Development Kit that accompanied Visual dBASE 7.0x, here it is. You'll probably have time for a coffee break during the download.
Download the Microsoft Win32 SDK (15.1MB)

Visual dBASE 5.X Documentation

Visual dBASE 5.7 Language Reference (3.6MB ZIP)
BDE 2.52 UPDATE (Visual dBASE 5.x)
This is the last update to the 16-bit version of the Borland Database Engine (BDE). Download and unzip to a temporary folder, and run the SETUP program.
Download the BDE 2.52 update (1497KB)
What does the update offer? This update enables the Visual dBASE 5.x Deployer to create deployment packages utilizing version 2.52 of the Borland Database Engine (BDE).
To install the update, unzip the downloaded package and copy the two .PAK files into your VISUALDB\DEPLOY folder, overwriting the files of the same name.
Download the Visual dBASE 5.x deployer update (1140KB)
What does the kit offer? This kit contains instructions and utilities to modify the default copyright date displayed by the Visual dBASE 5.x Deployer.
Download the Visual dBASE 5.x copyright date kit (20KB)
The Component Builder is used to help migrate your dBASE IV applications to Visual dBASE 5.x (5.5, 5.6, 5.7). This package includes all of the source files. Unzip the contents of this .zip file into your UTILS folder. You may wish to delete the file CB.PRO. Read CB.TXT for details.
Download the Visual dBASE 5.x Component Builder (69KB)
hat does the Intranet Tools package offer? The Visual dBASE 5.x Intranet Tools provides a single solution for users of Visual dBASE 5.x looking to integrate databases with World Wide Web technology. The package is made up of two products:
Visual dBASE WebExperts, which allows you to point-and-click your way to dynamic CGI table-searching applications and easily transform tables into static HTML pages. DeltaPoint WebTools, which brings Visual dBASE users powerful class library utilities for interactive WWW database application development using CGI and HTML. Installation Procedure. Download the Intranet Tools package into a temporary directory, extract the files from WEBTOOLS.ZIP, and run SETUP.EXE. For more information, see README.TXT.
Download the Visual dBASE 5.x Intranet Tools (929KB)